Our Story

How it Started

Initbridge’s original idea was conceived when I moved to southeast Pennsylvania, USA, from Brazil with very little knowledge of English to attend college. Being the only Portuguese speaker in the area for years, I was forced to not only learn the language quickly but also to adapt to mainstream American culture. Early on I had assumed I was going through a normal cultural acclimation process.

I quickly learned differently: when I interacted with foreign students going to larger universities, where they had the chance to interact with people mostly from their own cultural background, they sometimes just did not seem to “get” how most people in mainstream America thought.

If deals are made largely based on relationships, I immediately started to wonder how many business opportunities were missed because people just misinterpreted each other or were simply hesitant to start a business in a new culture.

With that thought in mind, I commenced to study Brazilian industries and sectors with companies best suited to move to the United States. At first, my objective was to bring small to medium sized information technology companies to the United States due to lack of logistic constraints.

My initial efforts were very entrepreneurial. I started to cold call IT companies and organizations linked to IT companies in Brazil (universities, trade organizations, etc.). I was surprised to find that most often than not I easily gained access to decision makers in organizations of all sizes.

Furthermore, I was able to organize an event with 7 Brazilian companies at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. One of such companies invited me to become equity partners: for an equity participation in the US entity, I became responsible for developing markets and running the company locally.

I quickly realized that this model could scale to a few other companies and I shortly after became a partner in another Brazilian technology company.

In order to engage more companies and move to different continents, I have assembled a stellar team. Patrik Heuman, our CIO, has solid experience in management of technology in various countries. Nicole Demchyk, our Sales Director, has tremendous sales experience throughout the United States. Robert Borghese, our CLO, is one of top corporate lawyers in the Northeast region of the United States and a twenty-year Wharton School of Business lecturer.

With the help of a great team of partners, we have now moved to companies in different continents and industries.

Initbridge’s engagement process is transparent and easy to understand. We invite you to connect with us and share your great ideas with our team. We look forward to working with you.

Tulio, CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to make small and medium sized companies successful in new international markets, at the lowest possible capital risk.  We become minority equity partners in your new market company, while providing product adaptation, market development, sales and operations.

Initbridge is a partnership firm, not a consulting firm – our success is directly linked to your success.