What We Do

Our Capabilities

Product Adaptation

We analyze the new market to identify necessary product modifications.

Business Case

We develop the business case.

Business Development

We handle sales, marketing and business development.

Business Strategy

We plan for long term success and perform growth planning.


We manage the local company.


We attain necessary capital.


We set up the supply chain, whether physical or virtual, and prepare for scaling.


We develop strategic partnerships.

Market Research

We analyze market trends and perform competitive research.

User Studies

We understand consumer behaviour and client needs.


We perform price analysis and market positioning.

Risk Analysis

We identify risks and prepare mitigation plans.

The Initbridge Difference

The Advantage

With Initbridge there is a true partnership. We are in it together with you. We work hard to directly align with the goals and objectives of your company and make sure we help facilitate that outcome.

We are a streamlined, outside-the-box solution based company that utilizes our own market, contacts, know-how and business experience to better assist a company in whatever capacity they need. We bridge the gaps your company might have to reach these new marketplaces.

About Us

- Our Mission

Our mission is to make small and medium sized companies successful in new international markets, at the lowest possible capital risk.

We become minority equity partners in your new market company, while providing product adaptation, market development, sales and operations. Initbridge is a partnership firm, not a consulting firm – our success is directly linked to your success.